Monday, September 10, 2018

Florida Panthers Season is Coming Giveaways!!

Ok so we are less than a month away from opening day for the Panthers & I have been planning this giveaway thing for some time! So lets get right into what I am passing out & how you can get it!!!

I am giving away 3 prizes.....

3rd prize is this package below

What you see here is a Brand New Flag plus a bumper sticker & balloon! All you need to do in order to qualify for the drawing for this prize is be a member of Flying Fluffy. Thats it!!

2nd prize is as follows;

That's a brand new size XL retro shirt from way back in the day. To qualify for this drawing you need to be a Flying Fluffy member, again , that's it!!!

1st prize is a doozy ...

That my friends is a 16 x 20 real photo, with guaranteed authentic live signatures.... So what do you need to do for this one??? Well here goes;

Be a Member of  Flying Fluffy
Make a purchase at my all Florida Panthers Store here!!
Flying Fluffy Panther Stuff!!!

If you have already made a purchase in the store, you are already entered in the drawing! If this promotion can get enough interest I will do something like this every month of the season with even better prizes!!!

In the next couple days I will also be making a video about this so I expect a great response & my goal is that next month I can give away an official NHL Panthers jersey with choice of names on back!

The drawing will be held Oct 5th, the day before the season starts! Please share this post as well so we have a better chance of continuing these giveaways throughout the season. Thanks and good luck!!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

So Just What IS a Flying Fluffy?

This is something I get asked all the time. Ok, so we get that Fluffy is your Saint Bernard, but why is it that you claim he can fly? Well, because he can, and while I don't have the actual photos to prove it, I can provide the general idea.

So a couple years back we took a short vacation to a cottage on the Chesapeake Bay on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  The cottage is set on a sort of bluff, as you can see here
So several times per day we would get the dogs out on the water, with the approved method of transportation being the stairs that you see behind the goofy kid in the Charlie Brown shirt. Except on this particular trip, Fluffy had a different idea.
You see that sand bar off to the right? Well just past that, when we opened the door, we could see about a dozen Canadian Geese just hanging in the water. So did Fluffy.  At which point, he bolted from the door, and well, he FLEW off the bluff , onto the sand about 25 feet below, stuck the landing and kept in perfect stride as he ran after the geese! No, he did not catch them luckily.

Hence the name Flying Fluffy was Born!!!!!

Here is a video from day one of that vacation. Thanks for reading & watching!!!
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